Call for SAVIR Webinar Proposals


The purpose of the SAVIR webinars is to improve the scope and quality of injury control research by providing a regular forum for increasing interaction and skills among key injury stakeholders: researchers, trainees, organizations (e.g. ICRCs, NCIPC, SAVIR, Safe States, etc.), and practitioners. The webinars will showcase injury and violence research in order to:

  1. Increase attention to injury issues among those new to the field

  2. Exchange methods and approaches

  3. Disseminate and discuss research findings


We welcome presentations on any injury topics, special populations, methodological issues, policy dilemmas, etc. We are especially interested in presentations that showcase collaborations among centers, across disciplines, and between researchers and practitioners. Single or multiple presenters will be accepted. While presenters are not required to be SAVIR members, presenters will be encouraged to become members and priority will be given to SAVIR members. Webinars are typically one hour in length, but we will entertain webinars that may be shorter or longer in length.


We will offer two webinars one each in Spring 2016 and Fall 2016. You may submit your application anytime, but please note the submission due dates for each webinar.

 Date of Webinar Application Deadline
 Spring 2016 February 29, 2016
 Fall 2016 May 15, 2016

Click here to submit a proposal online.  

Click here to download a proposal form.

Your proposal should include names, institutions and titles of each presenter and should be no more than three pages overall. If you have any questions, please contact Shankar Viswanathan ( or Ginger Yang (

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